Thursday, December 6, 2007

Hitting the big-time

For the moment, if you Google "autostitching photos," this blog is listed as the very first result. Apparently Google considers me quite the reliable should I use my new-found power?

Other fun search terms that have led visitors to this blog from as far away as Norway, Korea, New Zealand, and Bahrain:
  • cat head butting
  • "seƱor rossi"
  • oddest looking animals [another number one!]
  • adc55558a30b8aafe65f47994bc4c3c394ed614d7273d01b18 ad86dbd05f7d0e73f1f30d303c988a
  • tomcat treestands
  • relationships 4 life
  • xmen fact or fiction
  • illusionistic ceiling
  • animated movies versus cgi
  • everything there is to know about forests
  • sweet superman [and yet another number one]

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