Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Marketing Mishaps, Part Deux

I saw a sign on the back of a truck tonight that was attempting to advertise employment opportunities at the trucking company. It had a white stripe that was labeled — yes, actually labeled — "The Road to Success." Branching off the road to success was another line labeled "Exit to [Trucking Company Whose Name I Don't Remember]." I understand the intent of this sign; however, what this sign actually says is that once you accept employment at [Trucking Company], you are no longer on the road to success.

On a similar note, during the three days it took me to compile my previous post I thought of a fact I wanted to include, but forgot it before I reached a computer. A friend reminded me of it tonight, and I think it is a message too important to leave unspoken: electronic toys that say "I love you" are unholy perversions of nature. As such, they horrify me. No child of mine will ever own one.



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