Sunday, April 1, 2007

What a difference 1,000,000 years makes.

Tonight, at a friend's apartment I perused (and was excessively amused by) a book that was written approximately one million years ago (i.e., in 1920) called "Games...". By "..." I of course mean that the title was about 15 words long and I simply don't remember it. The section on ball and bean bag games was particularly entertaining. Besides the three-quarters of a page devoted to explaining exactly what a bean bag is, the full page description of the rules for a game called "Ball Tag" (apparently an ancient ancestor of the modern day game "Dodge Ball") begain thus: "The children should scatter promiscuously across the field of play." The last sentence of the description wisely advises, "Hard balls should not be used."

My second favorite quote of the night: on being asked, "Are you by any chance a Darwinist?" my friend responded, "I might a million years."



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