Sunday, January 24, 2010

Lost...In Review

The final season of Lost starts up in about a week. After over 100 episodes of flashbacks, flash-forwards, inter-cut and intersecting story lines, not to mention time travel, what is perhaps most impressive about the show as a whole is that it still makes sense, and all the pieces fit together. Lost still stands alone in the scale, ambition and complexity of its story, and in sheer magnitude of difficulty involved in successfully corralling all of the myriad parts that make up its much greater whole.

How successful? This video is a perfect example. It combines clips from nine different episodes across four seasons of the series edited together to tell the whole story of the 10 minutes preceding the crash of Flight 815. Kind of makes me wonder what a chronological edit of the entire series would be like, given that the whole show spans seven decades and several dozen characters.