Wednesday, May 10, 2006


Why do I operate under the assumption that my life is about what I am doing? Or, more to the point, why do I assume that my perception of "important things to do" is correct?
If I am sitting in an office entering data into a computer (like I did when I was in college), I am "not doing anything," but if I am helping at church, that is more important? That's almost a trick question. It certainly sounds like something I do at church would be more important than entering data in a computer, but here's the kicker: my daily life is no less of a ministry just because I am not in a church building, nor is God any less present outside of church than in it.
I believe (and need to remember) that God has a purpose for everything that happens in my life. If I am waiting to start my new job, then God is doing something specific in and/or through my life in that time. If I am entering data in the computer for 40 hours a week, then God has a purpose for that, maybe even beyond the people who are benefitting from the work being done. The things I should be paying attention to are: am I glorifying God in how I am doing this thing I see as being unimportant, what might God be teaching me through this, and what ministry opportunities do I have while (and because) I am here?



Anonymous Michelle said...

yea, I am very glad that you have a blog and have decided to share it with us!

Friday, May 12, 2006 3:23:00 PM  

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